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Honouring yourself this Autumn

Autumn has a distinct feel that we all experience in our own unique way. Some experience a struggle around letting go of Summer. Others soak in Autumn’s honesty, crispness and generosity. There might be melancholy, sadness, maybe stress, or a past loss coming to surface. Or anticipation of the approaching stillness and darkness of Winter. We often have varied feelings. Often Autumn feels 'like Autumn' without further qualifications.

Autumn is a season of change and transition. Change often evokes different feelings in us. What is coming up for you this Autumn?

Challenging time

Just as trees recognise the limits of their growth and start preparing for the next season by dropping their leaves, we also enter a season of stock-taking and preparation.

Yet our Autumn experience is often quite far from reflection or preparation for the next cycle. Come September, life’s demands and commitments often call us to new beginnings and ventures. We go back to work, children start a new school year or maybe leave home, new projects start. We often find ourselves ramping up our efforts and getting busy. All this while nature is preparing to go to sleep.

As the light fades, we also tend to spend more time indoors and by ourselves. We can get busy with life and people yet experience loneliness or be reminded of our inner struggles. Indeed Autumn can feel hard.

What can you do?

One way of honouring yourself this Autumn - maybe just as you read this text - is to take a moment and allow yourself to notice how you feel. How is your inner season? What is coming up for you? Whether it is something familiar or new, neutral or pleasant, or maybe something you’d rather sweep under the carpet, I invite you to say a quiet “Hello” to it.

If you notice a feeling, a physical sensation, your mind wondering about your next task, or maybe just feeling blank, that is OK. Say Hello to that or whatever is coming up. If you cannot bring yourself to say Hello to some or any of it, that is OK as well. Indeed, just noticing what is happening for you can be your greeting, your gesture of kindness to yourself this Autumn.

Acknowledging is honouring

Bringing your awareness to a feeling, thought or maybe an experience is the most potent power you have for change. It sounds simple. Yet it can be far from easy, and feel daring and difficult.

Bringing awareness to our experience is the foundation for healing, and moving towards a more intimate and genuine relationship with ourselves. A step towards a more attuned, centred and fulfilling life. By acknowledging what is coming up for you this Autumn you are truly honouring yourself.

If you are finding this season difficult or challenged by what is coming up for you, you do not need to struggle alone. Support is available and counselling can help.

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